Sustainable Irrigation Solutions
for landscape and agriculture

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Our Vision

Provide low-cost technological solutions for sustainable and environmental problems

We believe that in order to reach a sustainable world it is necessary to introduce technology into activities that have always been done without it. Thus our solutions make it simple and inexpensive to increase the efficiency of tasks by introducing a monitoring and automation system, reducing the consumption of natural and material goods such as water and energy

Key Features


Transforme os seus ambientes com soluções inteligentes, capazes de realizar as tarefas repetitivas de forma autónoma e eficiente


Com a nossa plataforma de monitorização, pode controlar e receber avisos dos seus ambientes em tempo real e em qualquer parte do mundo


Com um sistema baseado em sensores e regras, é garantida uma performance de excelência, resultando em reduções de custos e tempo

Redução de custo

Com as nossas soluções de baixo custo e algoritmos é possivel calcular as necessidades reais de recursos, garantindo um retorno do investimento

genviotSIS - Sustainable Irrigation Solution

Predict the ideal irrigation times

With our sensor infomation we are able to always know the conditions of the field, and its needs, using these parameters to create more precise predictions for the ideal irrigation time

Detect Leaks and Malfunctions

Our solution checks if the system needs maintenance, due to broken pipes, leaks, valve or irrigator malfunction and others, allowing to reduce costs related with maintenance teams

No human interaction

When the irrigation times needs to be changed, our system doesn't require human interaction, automatically adapting the times to match the ideal

Reduce overall cost

Not only are we able to provide a high-quality service with a low cost, we also allow the user to reduce costs in water and maintenance up to 30%

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